The Port of Ensenada is a city with a little more than 600,000 inhabits. It’s located only 110km from the U.S border and from the state with most fish and seafood commercial movement in the United States: California. 

Ensenada is also the city with the highest concentration of academic and scientific   institutions in the fishing and aquaculture sector of the country, so innovation and improvement are part of the development of the sector in the region. It’s the nearest Mexican port to the United States and Asia.
Ensenada is the biggest municipality from the country with an extended area of 1,114.89 kilometers of coastline, representing more than 80.8% of the total coastline of the state where it houses species with the highest value in the world market.

On the other hand, the city of Ensenada has a great gastronomic and wine offer worldwide recognized, which makes it the perfect destination for a business and pleasure trip.