Ángeles de Bahía.

Angeles de bahía is an exhibition brought by Terra Peninsular a Mexican civil association implicated in the conservation of nature in Baja California, which will be in charge of the re-inauguration of the photographic exhibition: ‘’ Angeles de Bahia’’ on Friday, October 6th in the museum Caracol in the framework of the IX edition of Baja SeaFood Expo 2017. This exhibition will be presenting 14 photographs from the collection ‘’Pescador del momento’’ by the photographer Jose “El Guero” Arce Smith. 


‘’Angeles de la Bahia’’ project is a collective effort to promote the natural beauty of the Baja California peninsula,the importance of of the natural resources and the complexity of the land scape. This exhibition seeks to reinforce the sense of belonging, identity, community and participation of the Baja Californians.


This Exhibition will be accompanied by a documental about Jose ‘’El Guero’’ Arce fisherman and photographer.


Tiburones Dorados

Tiburones Dorados. 

‘’Tiburones Dorados de Bahia de los Angeles’’, is a photography club in the community of Bahia conformed by kids and youth, is seeks to motivate and train through workshops and field trips the correct use of a camera and technics to make a nature photograph. In this occasion the boys from the club will travel from Bahia de los Angeles to participate in the Baja SeaFood Expo with a photographic exhibition that will be exhibited on October 6th at the Caracol Museum of Science.

This exhibition is managed by the organization Pro Esteros who has been in charge of the funds to finance photography equipment transfers and even the production of an annual calendar where they present the work done by this group of young people.

The exhibition will be exhibited from 6 October until 6 January 2018.