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Come and form part of the most important business meeting in seafood and aquaculture sector of the Northwest of Mexico.

The Baja SeaFood Expo brings together producers, providers, traders, distributors, chefs and restaurants from all over Mexico and other parts of the world.

- Display your brand and your products to an audience that is knowledgeable and interested in doing business.

- Your brand is exposed to more than 5 thousand visitors between local, regional and other countries.

- Establish business relationships with suppliers, distributors and direct buyers.

- Attends conferences, workshops and workshops in the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

- More than 9,000m2 of exhibition platform.

- Dissemination of your brand in our social networks.

The commercial exhibition will be on 6 and 7 October.

- Be a producer, processor, marketer or supplier of equipment and services in the legally constituted fishing and aquaculture industry.

- Acquire a space to display your product.

- Complete the registration application online.

- There are 5 options of exhibition areas: from 3x3m. up to 6x6 m. For more details, consult the Exhibitor Guide.

- The stand consists of a structure in modules constructed of aluminum profiles and trovicel panels with white finish with a height of 2.44m.

- White outline labeled with the commercial name of your company.

- Illumination. Electricity outlet by stand. (110)

- Carpet, rectangular table with white tablecloth and chairs.

- Exhibitor's badges.

- Insertion of your company brand in this web page and in the directory of the event.

- Cleaning of common areas

For more information, download the BajaSeaFood Expo 2017 Exhibitors Guide. 

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Exponer productos

The purpose is to facilitate companies the rapprochement with potential buyers, for the sale and development of their products.

Business matchmaking meetings are a format B2B where previously scheduled meetings between companies of the seafood and aquaculture sector national and international companies interested in doing business are carried out, through direct purchases, development of associative relations, strategic alliances, product development, investments and co-investments.

By registering your participation according to your request and company profile you are scheduled business meetings with companies interested in your products and / or services. By email you are notified of the date and time of your appointments. During your meeting there are support staff who will be assisting you in everything you need to carry out your meetings as efficiently as possible.

Producers, processors, distributors, exporters offering fishery and / or aquaculture products as well as interested buyers such as retailers, wholesalers, markets, supermarket chains, hotels and restaurants can participate. Sea, air and land transport agents, suppliers of materials and machinery, packaging and any product related to fishing, aquaculture and its processes.

-Be a legally constituted company.

- Be prepared to start a business.

- Register on our website (if you are an exhibitor you do not need to do it again).


To participate fill out the registration online.

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